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About B&M Delivery

In 1961, Bob Hammond & Morley Smith started a small delivery business called B & M Delivery Service. They bought a Volkswagen van and secured a contract with Harley’s Supermarket to deliver groceries to customers’ homes. Morley soon left the business, but Bob carried on.

During the 1960’s Mr. Hammond accumulated several mail delivery contracts for Canada Post. In 1968, the Town of Dryden residential garbage collection contract came open. B&M Delivery Service acquired that contract and has held it continually ever since then. Further expansion led B&M to acquire dump trucks and loader-backhoes to deliver different types of aggregate and carry out various excavating contracts.

  In the 1970’s, B&M introduced dumpster bin service to commercial customers who would accumulate large amounts of garbage. A rear-load format was chosen because the same rear-load packer trucks could also be used for curbside garbage collection. 

In 2001 the Skenes; Robert, Alan and Ursula purchased the business, there were 44 dumpster bins in service. Over the next 10 years, the number grew to 240. In 2004, the next expansion included the purchase of a used roll-off truck. This was a new service in the community which was well received and is thriving in today’s market. In 2004, B&M Delivery Service purchased Centennial Sewage from Ray and Maria deClerc. Centennial Sewage operated a commercial bin service and septic tank pumping service with two vacuum trucks.



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