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Sioux Lookout Questionnaire

B&M is looking for potential commercial waste and recycling customers in the immediate Sioux Lookout area.

With enough interest – service could commence as early as Monday, July 4, 2022!

The deadline for inquiries is Monday, April 25, 2022

    Do you currently have commercial service now?

    If you have service what is your current pickup schedule?

    Do you currently have a bin(s)?

    If so, do you rent or own the bin?

    What size bin do you have?

    What type of service interests you?

    Do you have adequate room for the bin(s)?
    And service of bin(s)? There is a large truck to consider.

    Do you require the bin(s) to be Lockable?

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    If interested you can also email us directly at info@bmwaste.ca for the information package and questionnaire.


    Find Us

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    Hours of Operation

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